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Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds

TomatoFest Seed Pack

Select from 650 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes -

TomatoFest is your destination for finding the best tasting, non-hybrid, non-genetically modified, old-fashioned and rarest heirloom tomato seeds from around the world. Truly, the original tomato lovers paradise!

Since 1990, our mission has been to find what are considered to be the most favored heirloom tomato varieties from many different regions and family farms, to grow and harvest these tomato seeds, and to save tomato seeds in our seed bank to share with other gardeners around the world. Our intention is to sustain these precious heirloom tomato seed varieties so they may remain a vital and available food source for generations to come.

All packs contain 25 - 30 seeds unless otherwise noted.
Minimum Order $15.00


- Gary Ibsen and Dagma Lacey

Our heirloom tomato seed selection of over 650 varieties originates from many different climates to assure you a selection that will be suited to your garden and growing zone. We are diligent about including the origin, family and plant history with each tomato description. We treat these heirloom tomato seeds as our precious legacy. We harvest each piece of fruit by hand, ourselves, and maintain notes of each variety plant characteristics and fruit taste...all to assure you the best quality, true-to-type tomato seed varieties.

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Through our Tomato Seed Donation Program we support community and urban garden projects, school gardens, and organizations that promote education and sustainable living through organic gardening.

We have assembled probably the best tomato seed collections you will find anywhere. If you are unsure of a selection right for you try one or more of these collections to get you started.

We offer tomatoes in many color groups: Yellow/Orange (Gold) tomatoes; Pink tomatoes; Red tomatoes (of course);Bi-colored tomatoes; and Other-Colored tomatoes (green, white, amber, blue). Be adventurous in your selection to choose colors and varieties that are unfamiliar to you. You will enjoy immense pleasures in the exploration.

We probably have the largest selection of purple/ "black" heirloom tomatoes. Don't miss the opportunity to mix these in your garden with your other colors. "Black" Tomatoes (not really black) are native to the Southern Ukraine in Russia. They also hail from Germany, Yugoslavia and the America. Black heirloom tomatoes are among our top favorites because of their generally exceptional rich, complex tomato flavors. Our excellent selection of black tomato seeds are the finest tasting and most popular varieties (Black Krim, Paul Robeson, Black Cherry, Black Ethopian, Black from Tula, Black Prince, Black, Cherokee Chocolate, Japanese Black Trifele, Nyagous, Black Plum just to name a few.)

And don't be afraid to try the green tomato varieties such as, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Green Grape, Evergreen, Grandma Oliver's Green and my favorite, Green Giant. (All these green heirloom tomatoes are ripe when soft to the touch, and SWEET!. Or try our favorite white heirloom tomatoes for delicate sweet flavors (Halfmoon China, Great White, Potato Leaf White, Sutton, White Beauty, White Rabbit and White Queen.)

Also, TomatoFest has introduced exclusively the following heirloom tomato varieties: Sunset's Red Horizon (2001), Julia Child (2002), Marianna's Peace (2000), Dagma's Perfection (2004), Gary Ibsen's Gold (2007), Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red (2005), Homer Fike's Yellow Oxheart (2007) Shenghaung Cherry (2002), Sisters (2001), Zhefen Short (2001), Connie's Cain (2006), Zhezha (2001), Ella's Pink Plum (2007), Cindy's West Virginia (2005)

As we acquire additional information about any variety we will include it. The amount of information we have about any tomato varies from variety to variety. Some varieties have little or no historical information. We encourage you to contact us with additional comments regarding the history, personal experience, growing or tasting notes of any variety listed, or with information about varieties we haven't included. If you discover an error in any variety description please bring it to our attention. It is our primary interest to provide you useful and accurate information.

All tomato varieties listed are open-pollinated and most are heirloom tomato varieties.

Wishing you happy tomato gardening with an abundant tomato harvest! Gary and Dagma

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