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Ace 55 -Tomato
Ace 55 -Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95
Sale Price: $2.50
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A standard in the garden for those wanting a dependable producer of abundant crops of 12-14 oz. red globes with good flavor. This variety preferred by those folks who have difficulty with higher acid tomatoes.

Alaska Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Alaska - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

An heirloom tomato from Russia. (Aljaska is Russian spelling). These organic tomato seeds produce short to medium-sized, bushy plants. This is an early-producing tomato plant that yields lots of large, round, brilliant red, 'salad-type' cherry tomatoes with very good flavor. This is a favorite tomato variety for cooler growing climates. I have friends who prefer this tomato variety for their roof-top planter gardens where winds are frequent.
Alaskan Fancy - Tomato
Alaskan Fancy - Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $3.25
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Alaskan Fancy was bred for short growing seasons with cooler weather. The earliest plum-shaped tomatoes available. TomatoFest organic seeds produce short, bushy, regular-leaf plants that yield abundant crops of 1-2 oz., red, juicy, tomatoes with luscious flavors.

Anahu Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Produced by Hawaiian tomato breeder Dr. Jim Gilbert From Hawaii, who named the Anahu variety after one of his students who died in the Korean war. This is a very productive determinate variety that produces 2 to 3-inch, round, red fruit with very sweet flavors. A good choice for hot & humid climates. Resistant to nematodes

Our Price: $4.25

5 x 2-inch pepper-shaped fruit. Meaty with few seeds and rich flavor.

Aurora Tomato
photo by Tatiana Kouchnareva
Aurora Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

Aurora Tomato Seeds from Siberia is named for the Aurora Borealis. Compact, bushy, determinate plants produce impressively heavy crops of 4-6 oz., red, round, blemish-free, oblate tomatoes with acidic but delicious tomatoey flavors. Produces well in cooler climates, coastal climates or high altitudes, in the field, in the greenhouse or containers. An excellent choice for a heavy producing early tomato for market. A great canning tomato!

Backa - Heirloom Tomato
Backa - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.25

Backa tomato (aka variety Kamennyi Tsvetok). Originally from Yugoslavia. Seeds provided by Tatiana Kouchnareva. Our TomatoFest organic seeds produces short, determinate, compact plants that yield an abundance of 12-16 oz., red, beefsteak tomatoes with delicious, big, tomatoey flavors. An excellent canning and sauce tomato and a wonderful slicer for sandwiches..

Banana Legs
Banana Legs
Our Price: $4.25

Very prolific and long season plant producing 4-inch long, bright yellow, meaty,  banana-shaped fruits. Great for slicing into salads.
Beaverlodge Slicer Tomato
Beaverlodge Slicer -Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

Bred at the Beaverlodge Research Center in Alberta Canada. One of the earliest maturing tomato varieties (55 days). Our TomatoFest organic seeds produce short, compact, determinate, plants that are loaded with 2", smooth, red, round tomatoes that contain rich and well balanced flavors. A surprisingly big flavor for such an early tomato. This is a perfect tomato variety for growing in a hanging basket or in a patio container. A good choice for cooler and foggy growing regions like Northern California.

Bison - Heirloom Tomato
Bison - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.40
Sale Price: $4.25
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Old fashioned American favorite heirloom tomato that was developed by Dr. A. F. Yeager of North Dakota University and was listed by Oscar H. Will & Co. in 1937. Our TomatoFest organic seeds produce dwarf, compact, determinate plants that were listed in the McFayden Seed Catalog as a "self-pruning," and needing no staking. Plants produce huge amounts of 2-3", red, round tomatoes that have exceptional, rich, complex and slightly acidic flavors. This is a great canning and salad tomato. Produces well in cooler damp weather, greenhouse or containers.

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