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Autumn Beauty Blend Sunflower
Autumn Beauty Blend Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Autumn Beauty Blend Sunflower - Organic Seeds. (Helianthus annus) -Tall, 7', well-branched plants produce an explosion of exquisite 5-8" wide sunflowers in diverse autumnal shades of orange, yellow, gold, bronze and maroon bi-colors with brown centers. The 15-44" stem length encourages cut flowers over a long season. These flowers provide a good bird food selection with lots of oil-rich seeds and an abundance of pollen for bee foraging. Annual.
Dark Orange Marigold
Dark Orange Marigold Seeds - Flower Organic
Our Price: $3.50

Dark Orange Marigold seeds (Tagetes Erecta) - Sturdy, bushy, 10" wide, 16" tall plants produce uniformly dark-orange, fully double (chrysanthemum-like) blooms for borders, beds or cut flowers. Double flowers are 2.5" wide and full of ruffles. A natural deterrent for deer, soil nematodes and many insect pests. Days to Maturity: 85 days. Annual.
Bright Lights Cosmos Mix
Bright Lights Cosmos Mix Seeds - Flower Organic
Our Price: $3.50

Bright Lights Cosmos Mix Seeds - (Cosmos sulphureus). Easy to grow, 2-3' tall, bushy plants produce an abundance of golden-yellow, burnt-orange and fiery-red petals in 2-3" wide, fully double flowers that are extremely resilient. They require little fertility or care, making them great for beginning gardeners. Plants are early to bloom and produce profusely. Fantastic for adding a light, airy texture to borders or pots. This bright mix of flowers will provide an abundance of cut-flower bouquets and attract your favorite pollinators. Annual.
"Crackerjack Mix" African Marigold - Organic Seeds
"Crackerjack Mix" African Marigold - Flower Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

"Crackerjack Mix" African Marigold - Organic Seeds. (Tagetes erecta) aka American Marigold. Robust, 3-4" tall plants produce majestic 4" blooms in tangerine orange, rich gold, and lemony yellow that will brighten up your flower bed, path edges, and large container plantings. This is a superior variety of marigold with a mounding form, consistent height, and sturdy flower stalks, which makes it very popular for cut flowers and garden plants. Has a delightful marigold fragrance. Prefers full sun and soil that is dry to moderate in moisture. Blooms late spring to fall. These plants are often planted as a natural pest deterrent, known to repel deer, soil nematodes and many pests. Attracts beneficial insects. Days to Maturity: 80 days. Annual.
Velvet Queen Sunflower
Velvet Queen Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Velvet Queen Sunflower - Organic Seeds. Free branching, 4-5' tall plants bear lots of 5-6", deep-velvety-crimson blooms accented with traces of yellow with shades of yellow, orange, and red ringed around a large, glittering, mahogany-colored center. Bearing all summer long, these flowers are unforgettable in the garden or vase. Velvet Queen flower really does look like a setting sun with its play of warm colors. A chic and sophisticated sunflower for cut-flower connoisseurs. A manageable plant size for the flower bed, border, or even vegetable garden, or perfect for planting adjacent to a fence or wall. If there is any flower that can say throughout the summer, "I love you." it is this. Annual.
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Teddy Bear Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Teddy Bear Sunflower - Organic Seeds. A lovely addition to any flower garden. Sturdy, 2-3' tall, dwarf plants with an upright habit produce many 4-6", golden-yellow, puffy-looking blooms are guaranteed to invite a warm, fuzzy feeling. Teddy Bear makes an attractive short hedge or colorful garden border, and perfectly wonderful for cut flowers. Drought tolerant, non fussy plant blooms until fall. A good container variety. Annual.
Hella Sonneblume Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Hella Sonneblume Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Hella Sonneblume Sunflower - Organic Seeds. 2-3' dwarf sunflower plant produces 4", uniform, gold-petaled flowers on sturdy 12", "ruler-straight" stems, making it a perfect choice for a cut-flower arrangement and a long vase life.
Lemon Queen Sunflower
Lemon Queen Sunflower - Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Lemon Queen Sunflower - Organic Seeds. This well known, 5-7' tall, American favorite produces one large, lemon-yellow main flower followed by smaller, branching, buttery-pale-yellow secondary flowers of excellent quality. Plants bloom for a long period of time. Excellent for cut flowers as each flower has a long stem that holds well in bouquets. Great for attracting bees. Lemon Queen is so big, beautiful, and self-sufficient that you can plant it once, in practically any soil, and enjoy it throughout the summer. With plenty of sun this Midwest native can reach close to 8' in height. Annual.
Strawberry Blonde Calendula - Organic Seeds
Strawberry Blonde Calendula - Flower Organic Seeds
Our Price: $3.50

Strawberry Blonde Calendula - Organic Seeds. An edible salad flower. Yes, you may feed your sweetheart these beautiful flower petals. 18-24", bushy plants produce an abundance of warm and colorful antique-looking, pink and yellow petals with dark-red, flashy undersides. A perfect choice for long-lasting cut or dried flowers, or as edible flowers to dress up summer salads. Long stems pull off easily for simple and fast cut flower harvest. Plants flower all the way into fall. Annual.
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