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Ananas tomato
Ananas Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

3 to 4-inch, pale yellow beefsteak with red blush on blossom end, mild acidity, Sweet tasting
Arkansas Marvel Heirloom Tomato
Arkansas Marvel - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

An Arkansas Heirloom tomato. Our organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous, big tomato plants that yield moderate to heavy crops of 4-inch, 1 lb., meaty, yellow-orange beefsteak tomatoes with red marbling with a gush of wonderful sweet, well-balanced tomato flavors that hold a distinct hint of mild, peach flavors. I've been growing this variety from the same seed strain for almost 20 years. It's proven to be a wonderful and beautiful addition to our garden. A good salad tomato or sliced thick in sandwiches. TomatoFest is one of the only sources for these heirloom tomato seeds.
Armenian - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Armenian - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.25

From tomato collector Charlotte Mullens of West Virginia. Large flattish yellow and orange flesh with some red marbling. A bi-colored beefsteak with great flavor and unusually strong flavors for a bi-colored.
Big Orange Stripe Heirloom Tomato
Big Orange Stripe - Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.25
Sale Price: $3.95
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A wonderful heirloom tomato from the Carter family farm in Kentucky. These organically grown tomato seeds produce huge tomato plants that yield 1-2 pound , 4-5-inch,  orange beefsteak tomatoes with light red striping outside and inside of the fruits. The Big Orange Stripe variety produces moderate to hefty quantities of fruit. Very little, if any, cracking in fruit observed. Deliciously sweet tomatoes.
Big Rainbow Heirloom Tomato
Big Rainbow-Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

This spectacular heirloom tomato was in 1990. originally from Polk County, MN. Our TomatoFest organic seeds produce big, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield moderate to large crops of 1-2 lb. rib-shouldered bi-colored beefsteak tomatoes with gold flesh with beautiful red streaks running throughout. As fruits ripen they have a rainbow appearance: greens on the shoulder, yellow, orange, gold in the middle, and red on the blossom end. Fruit often has dynamic red splotches inside and on bottom. Very juicy and fruity sweet. Good disease resistance. A late producer. Great for slicing thick into sandwiches or salads.
Big Tiger
Big Tiger - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

Good yields of medium sized (8 oz.) , yellow-red bicolored fruit, Good flavor.
Big White Pink Stripe Tomato
Big White Pink Stripe-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

Pale-peach colored 4-inch globe slicer with pinkish blush on blossom end and peach-cream colored flesh inside. Meaty fruits with tropical flavor similar to melon but slight sweet-tart tang.
Black Zebra Tomato
Black Zebra-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

A natural and stabilized cross between Green Zebra and a black tomato by Jeff Dawson. This is one of the STARS of my whole tomato showcase. A proven success with markets and friends. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce vigorous, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that produce 4 oz., 1 1/2", juicy, round tomatoes with purple/mahogany-colored skin with green stripes (like brush strokes) with exceptionally rich, complex, really delightful tomato flavors that contain hints of smoke and sweetness. Its flavor also carries the rich complexity associated with the best of black tomatoes. This this is one of our favorites for looks and taste. A winner! Once tried, you will keep this black tomato a place in your garden.
Burraker's Favorite
Burraker's Favorite
Our Price: $4.25

A regular leaf, 1-2 lb., pink/yellow striped tomato from the moonshine territory of Burrackers' Hollow in the foothills of the Blue ridge mts., where strangers are met by unleashed dogs. A great tomato that Chuck Wyatt had to negotiate for out of his car's window. Great size and superb taste. The first year I obtained this variety from Chuck as a "bi-colored," the gold streaking was so barely there that it appeared more pink than striped. In the subsequent years of growing this out there has been barely a trace of yellow striping.
Chocolate Striped Icicle
Chocolate Striped Icicle Tomato
Our Price: $4.50

Beautiful, 2-3", elongated, plum-shaped tomatoes
with a strong anthocyanin (blue) expression, attractive striping and a
pointed nipple on the end. Exceptionally good, sweet flavors.
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