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Alaska Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Alaska - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

An heirloom tomato from Russia. (Aljaska is Russian spelling). These organic tomato seeds produce short to medium-sized, bushy plants. This is an early-producing tomato plant that yields lots of large, round, brilliant red, 'salad-type' cherry tomatoes with very good flavor. This is a favorite tomato variety for cooler growing climates. I have friends who prefer this tomato variety for their roof-top planter gardens where winds are frequent.
Amish Red Tomato
Amish Red - Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

A wonderful tomato! Our tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce tall, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield an abundant crop of meaty, 1 1/2-inch long, oblong-shaped, bright-red tomatoes with sharply-pointed end. (The same shape and flavor as Amish Gold but red. The two together are like brother and sister.) The is small tomato packs a wallop of delicious, sweet flavors with a slightly tart finish. A great patio or small garden tomato. Grows well in cooler, coastal regions. Perfect as a salad tomato or in a bowl for snacking. for Tomatofest is one of the very few sources for these rare tomato seeds.
Amy's Apricot - Heirloom Tomato
Amy's Apricot - Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.25

A favorite at the 2011 Heritage Harvest Festival. This is a family heirloom given to Dustin Swanland by his Italian aunt. Our TomatoFest organic seeds produce tall indeterminate plants that yield huge amounts of 3/4 inch golden cherry tomatoes that are bursting with robust flavor. Many tomato lovers find this a rival to Sungold for flavor.
Angora Super Sweet Tomato
Angora Super Sweet-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

Developed by Joe Bratka. A.K.A." VELVET RED." This is a beautiful ornamental tomato. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf (well not too regular) plants with a fuzzy, blue-gray "fur" on the leaves. Plant yields an abundance of 1-inch, red, super-sweet cherry tomatoes that also have a slight silvery fuzz on them which causes the red to appear less than red. A spectacular novelty tomato. Rare tomato seeds.  This is great selection for a patio garden.
Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry Tomato
Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $2.95

Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous and tall tomato plants that yield copious amounts of 3/4-inch, round, yellow cherry tomatoes that are loaded with delicious, fruity, sweet/tart flavors. Rare tomato seeds. TomatoFest is one of the only commercial sources for these wonderful cherry tomato seeds. The perfect snacking tomato that is wonderful in salads or culinary dishes. Children will love the sweetness of these snacks.
Austin's Red Pear-Tomato Seeds
Austin's Red Pear TomatoSeeds
Our Price: $2.95

A favorite at TomatoFest. Our organic tomato seeds produce regular-leafed, vigorous, bushy, open-pollinated plants that yield abundant crops of extra-large, 2-ounce (up to 2"), red, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes. Excellent tasting cherry tomato. A perfect choice for a snacking tomato, or in salads.
Beam's Yellow Pear Tomato
Beam's Yellow Pear-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.50
Sale Price: $2.95
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These organic tomato seeds produce huge, bushy plants that yield very large quantities of 1 oz., 1 1/2-inch, bright yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes that will give you fruit until frost. The tomatoes of this yellow pear tomato variety are zesty sweet and delicious. A beautiful salad or snackin' tomato. If you are growing several colors of cherry tomatoes include this one. A great tomato choice for a patio or planter garden. A good producer even in cooler coastal regions.
Black Cherry Tomato
Black Cherry-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

The only truly black cherry tomato. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce large, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous tomato plants that yield abundant crops in huge clusters of 1", round, deep purple, mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth, characteristic of the best flavorful black tomatoes. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Unique tomato variety. Disease resistant. Once you try want MORE.
Black Plum Tomato
Black Plum-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $2.95
You save $1.00!

One of my favorite Russian varieties that produces a long and steady crop of 2-inch elongated plum-shaped fruits colored a beautiful deep-mahogany with dusky-green shoulders. Fruit resembles a small paste tomato but with thinner walls. Unique sweet tangy flavor.
Blondkopfchen Heirloom Tomato
Blondkopfchen-Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.50

An heirloom tomato from eastern Germany. The name of this adorable heirloom cherry tomato means "little blonde girl".
Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce big, leafy, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a phenomenal amount of  1/2", grape-sized, brilliant yellow/gold, cherry tomatoes, in clusters of 20-30. The vines are large and sprawling, so give them plenty of space. Blondkopfchen is undoubtedly one of the BEST TASTING cherry tomatoes. Deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy tart finish. I have had this in our garden as our favorite snacking tomato for many years and use this cherry tomato for introducing tomatoes to kids who claim they don't like tomatoes. Just put this in your mouth and see if you can keep from smiling. For many years TomatoFest has been one of the few commercial sources for these special tomato seeds.
A Non-cracking, disease resistant tomato variety that grows well in most climates including cooler growing regions.
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