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Heart-shaped Heirloom Tomato Seeds-Organic
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Hogs Heart
Hogs Heart Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.25
Sale Price: $2.95
You save $0.30!

2 1/2 to 3-inch long red fruit, shape varies from a banana shape to a heart-shape. Excellent sweet flavors with moderately juicy flesh. A top paste tomato for sauces.

Painted Ukrainian
Painted Ukrainian-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $3.25
You save $0.70!

Beautiful 2 1/2 x 3-inch heart-shaped fruit. Some fruits with a very subtle vertical striping. Delicious!

Red Butter Heart
Red Butter Heart Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $3.25
You save $0.70!

Heirloom variety producing large, pink, 16-ounce, great tasting, heart-shaped fruit in clusters of 5 to 6.

Bobbie -Organic Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $3.50
You save $0.45!

A prolific heirloom that produces red-pink, heart-shaped, very meaty fruit with few seeds and delicious fruity flavor.

Anna Russian
Anna Russian-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

An heirloom oxheart variety from Brenda Hillenius, of Oregon, who got from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, who received seeds from a Russian immigrant. An excellent, gorgeous tomato. Early maturing for a heart-shaped tomato, the large, visually beautiful, pink-red fruit normally weighs about 1 pound. Superb rich old-fashioned, tomatoey flavors with lots of juice.

Bull's Heart
Bull's Heart-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $4.25
Sale Price: $3.95
You save $0.30!

Old Russian variety from Vavilov Institute that yields, 1 to 2-pound, oxheart-shaped, pink fruit with few seeds and great taste.

Japanese Oxheart
Japanese Oxheart-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

Japanese variety. Prolific leafy plant producing 2 1/2 to 3-inch jade pink heart-shaped fruits, firm, thin skin with thick, juicy flesh. Great slicer. Good garden staple.

Kornesevsije Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

Russian plant producing abundant yields of large (10 to 16-oz.) red beefsteak fruit. Excellent flavor.

Mrs. Houseworth
Mrs. Houseworth-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

3-4 inch heart-shaped, luscious, pink fruit. A prized heirloom from the 1930's, originally from Mrs. Houseworth's garden in Centerville, Pennsylvania.

Orange Strawberry Heirloom Tomato
Orange Strawberry-Tomato Seeds
Our Price: $3.95

A vigorous, ox-heart variety producing small to medium yields of beautiful, 3-inch, strawberry-shaped (formed to a distinct tip), bright-orange fruits (inside and out). The gorgeous, meaty fruit has a sweet, rich, complex taste unlike most yellow and orange tomatoes.

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